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Welcome to BGD Bully Kennel!

Our story begins in the late 90s when we started raising pit bulls, a powerful dog race that led us to its “natural extension” – American XL bully world.

As pit bulls are still part of our families today, our dream to expand and create a kennel for dominant XL bully breed started with careful selection of high-quality breeding stock that has a good temperament, the best pedigree and is free from genetic disorders.

To be clear, we are not a dog factory!

Raising XL bullies with love requires dedication, patience, and a lot of hard work. With our care and attention, our dogs are healthy, happy, and well-behaved companions.

This is why we are setting a high standard for XL bully world, and we take a great pride for that.

Our approach not only benefits the dogs but also helps to promote responsible breeding practices and positive relationships between dogs and their new owners.

Our dogs are highly intelligent, healthy, powerful and trainable, making them excellent candidates for families, obedience training, competitions and even therapy work.



A good pedigree alone does not guarantee a good XL bully. While genetics play a role in a dog’s temperament and behavior, love, environment and training are also crucial factors.

So if you’re looking for a loyal and protective companion, look no further than our kennel.

Our dogs are sure to bring joy and love to your home for years to come…

W hy us

We go above and beyond to ensure health and happiness of our XL Bully family.


Quality breeding:

 We carefully select our breeding pairs to ensure that our puppies are healthy, happy, well-adjusted and free from genetic errors.

We also prioritize temperament and personality to ensure that our dogs make excellent family pets.


Expert care:

Our dogs receive regular veterinary check-ups and excellent nutrition. We provide them a perfect balance of fresh meat, super premium nutrition and vitamins. We also provide our dogs and puppies with early training and socialization to help them grow up, be confident dogs with character and to be well-behaved.

They spend time with our trainers, families, kids 24/7, simply said – they are members of our families.


High quality kennel:

We are not a regular kennel. We comitted ourselves in making them luxury homes for dogs with 24 hours support. They are all provided with both summer home and winter home.

Optimal temperature control is also crucial for the health and comfort of our dogs. An air conditioning system is maintaining a comfortable temperature year-round, whether it’s during the hot summer months or the colder winter season.

Their boxes are made of rubber floors which are naturally slip-resistant, to prevent our dogs from slipping and possibly injuring themselves.

They all have their own beds and even stereo system included, because we like to play them music during their rest time.

Outdoor is divided in training polygon, running tracks and dogs playground. Soon they will be having a pool for training as well.


We stand behind the quality of our dogs and we are committed to finding loving homes for each and every one of them. For us, it is crucial that our dogs find the owners who are going to love and take care of them as we do.

Remember, you have to be worthy of raising our XL bully, so we are implementing a screening process of potential owners before they enter our BGD Bully family.

We are also providing an ongoing support and guidance to the new owners to ensure that their new family friend progress in their new homes.

Our assistance includes: guidance in training, nutrition, and healthcare, and we are available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.


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